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Five Benefits of Installing a Geothermal Heating System in Your Home or Business

Geothermal energy has received quite a bit of positive press over the past few years, and for good reason. Industry reports state that converting from oil or electric heat to a geothermal system helps cut heating costs by as much as 70%! But that’s the not the only advantage – the following are five major benefits associated with switching to a geothermal heating system in Chatham-Kent / Sarnia-Lambton.

1) It’s cost effective.

On average, a geothermal heat pump costs about $2,500 per ton of capacity. On a new house, the cost of a geothermal unit can be included in a mortgage, creating immediate cost savings. For example, the extra $3,500 that you might spend on a unit could add an additional $30 to your monthly mortgage. The energy cost savings you’ll receive from the system will easily exceed this amount over the course of the year.

If you’re considering retrofitting your home with a geothermal heating system, you too will benefit from significant cost savings. Geothermal energy’s high efficiency typically results in lower energy bills, allowing the investment to be recouped in two to ten years. Some utility companies even offer reduced rates to homes with geothermal systems, resulting in even more savings.

2) It’s extremely durable.

The geothermal heating systems that the technicians at Arctic Heating & Cooling install are extremely streamline. When compared to traditional heating units, geothermal systems include far fewer mechanical features, and are thus able to last longer. Plus, all of the components are protected from the elements and vandalism, by the earth. The underground piping used in geothermal heating system installations often come with a 25-50 year warranty, and a geothermal pump will last a typical household 20 years.

3) There’s very little maintenance.

When properly installed, the underground components of a geothermal heating system are practically maintenance-free. The mechanical components that are installed in the actual living space of the property are easy to access, simplifying the maintenance process.

4) It supplies year round climate control.

Geothermal heating systems can be equipped with cooling features as well, providing residents with constant climate control. Like traditional forced-air units, geothermal systems rely on ductwork to evenly distribute air throughout a building. But unlike forced-air units, where you can feel the blasts of air, a geothermal unit supplies a constant stream of temperature-regulated air.

Geothermal units also regulates humidity naturally, protecting your home for excess moisture and the damage it can cause.

5) It makes virtually no noise.

Geothermal units don’t require outside condensing units (like air conditioners), nor do they rely on a noisy internal furnace arrangement. Many of our geothermal heating system customers complain that their systems are too quiet, since they’re used to hearing a traditional system click on and off.

A survey of industry buyers recently revealed a 95% satisfaction rate with geothermal heating systems. Isn’t it time you started to enjoy the advantages of this efficient heating and cooling solution? For more information on geothermal heating systems please call 1-888-627-6726 or visit our Geothermal product page.