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Solutions to Common Heating and Cooling Problems

Problem: Uneven Air Delivery

Is one room in your home hot and stuffy while another is freezing? Here are a few possible solutions:

  1. Check the supply and return vents in the affected rooms. The air from your heating and cooling system could be blocked by furniture or window coverings.
  2. If there are rooms in your house that you don’t use (say a back bedroom or storage area) and wish to remove from your home’s heating and cooling plan, you can choose to remove the room from the airflow circuit and reroute the conditioned air to other rooms in the house. To do this, simply close the supply ducts and seal them with a piece of plastic behind the vent grille. For help with this procedure, please contact one of our heating and cooling experts.
  3. Install duct dampers – these in-line controls provide home owners with quick and convenient comfort control.

Problem: Airflow Issues

(that aren’t directly related to an air conditioning, furnace, or heat pump system)
If you think you may have an airflow issue, the experts at Arctic Heating and Cooling recommend trying the tissue test. Simply hold a tissue in front of the vent that you believe is malfunctioning. If it is a return vent, the tissue should be sucked towards the vent. If it’s a supply vent, the tissue should billow out towards you. If neither of these things happen you may have to:

  1. clean your ducts and reseal older ductwork,
  2. Reconfigure the supply and/or return ductwork to increase air flow.

Problem: Loss of Heat of Conditioned Air

Nobody likes to have air conditioning trouble in the middle of August, or a furnace malfunction in the dead of winter. If your heating and cooling system suddenly stops working make sure to check:

  1. The circuit breakers. All switches should be set to the “on” position. This includes the red emergency switch and the switch that is located on the side of the furnace (if applicable).
  2. Your thermostat battery. Most models will flash a “low battery” warning.
  3. The air filter. If your air filter is clogged it could cause your heating and cooling unit to trip off.
  4. The electrical disconnect on your air conditioner. If this is the first time you’ve turned your air conditioner on, make sure the electrical disconnect is set to the “on” position.
  5. The external vent. A heavy snowfall could block this and cause your furnace to malfunction.

Problem: Water Collecting Near Your Heating and Cooling Equipment

Don’t let this sign cause you too much alarm, it’s likely the result of either a:

  1. Clogged air filter and/or other air blockage.
  2. Plugged condensation drain.

If there is ice forming on the coil, you could be low on refrigerant. For help clarifying the issues, contact a technician from Arctic Heating & Cooling for a professional opinion.

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